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Selling property with a problem?

We buy any problem property, with or without sitting tenants. Our ethos is simply that whatever the problem, we aim to find a solution - nothing is too complex, and we have never been put off by an unmodernised house or flat, even where it needed serious attention. In fact, we thrive on managing these types of properties.


We buy property in any condition, and focus on purchasing unmodernised houses and flats, and will never be put off by the condition of your property. Rest assured we have purchased hundreds of properties with complications or subject to all types of tenancies. If you are selling property with sitting tenants or squatters, then please invite us to make you a cash offer for your problem property.


Selling a problem property can be straight forward if you are dealing with expert house buyers.
If you own a property which you consider as a burden, then please speak to us for a guaranteed cash offer for your problem property. You can sell a house with a problem, when the buyer is fully aware of the problem, and will find the best solution.


As an experienced landlord and property investor Dreamhouse buyers have been successfully buying property for over 20 years. We thrive from overcoming property problems,  whether it is that you have sitting tenants, tenants who are in arrears, a legal or title problem, or a genuine property defect.


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Sell your Problem Property - cash house buyers and not reliant on raising a mortgage or pleasing a mortgage surveyor. We can take a view where required
Firstly we are cash buyers of property, therefore not dependent on raising a mortgage or satisfying a bank's criteria.  We buy problem property immediately with our own cash funds. When selling a problem property there can be numerous reasons for delay when dealing with buyers who are trying to raise finance, or have little experience in specialist matters. We do not need to raise finance, and we have years of experience in this field. Believe it or not, we have bought a house without a roof, a flat without windows, and started from scratch numerous times. We have a specialist property team, which is built up of surveyors, valuers, structural engineers, building contactors, and tradesman in every field - they need to keep occupied, and therefore the more unmodernised a property that we can buy, the better.

Cash buyers of unmodernised property - with or without a problem
Why would we work so hard to give something away? We value your property based on the open market value and make you an immediate cash offer. Dreamhouse buyer offers a house buying service which aims to give you the speed and guarantee of selling your property. We actively invest in property with sitting tenants, however we are just as keen on buying property without tenants, and we assure the minimum of disruption to you and your tenants during the house sales process. There is no need to contact your sitting tenants, and we will not make contact with them at any point, unless agreed with the property owner beforehand.

Are you selling a property with sitting tenants? You might define a problem property, as various things. Whether you want to sell a flat with a short lease or you would just like to sell a house fast, please call our team today! We have been buying residential property for investment since 1962 and therefore we can help free up your capital in days! Read more about property with Regulated Tenancies  and contact us to sell a house with a sitting tenant today.


Selling property with a sitting tenant

- What kind of Residential Tenancy do I have?
There are currently 5 kinds of residential tenancies:
1. The Protected (Rent Act) Tenancy - tenancies entered into before 15 January 1989.
2. The Assured Tenancy - introduced by the Housing Act 1988.
3. The Assured Tenancy - Housing Act 1988. 
4. The Assured Shorthold Tenancy - introduced in 1988 but amended by the 1996 Housing Act.
5. The Common Law Tenancy - Where the landlord lives in the same building.


Sell flat with a short lease
Our view on leasehold properties with short leases 
Dreamhouse buyer are experienced freeholders and keen to purchase leasehold flats throughout the UK with leases with less than 80 years to run.
These types of properties can often be very difficult to sell, with mortgage finance extremely difficult to find. In some instances flats will be unsaleable to the general market, if you are selling with a short lease which is less than 65 years. We are able to provide you with a cash offer for your property regardless of the length of it's lease.
How much will I have to pay the landlord? There are a number of complex calculations involved in establishing these figures. In simple terms, this is the difference in value of the landlord’s interest today under the present lease, and the value of his interest after the grant of the new lease with the additional 90 years. He is also entitled to receive a share of the marriage value and compensation for loss arising from the grant of the new lease.


Why do I need to extend my Lease?
The need for your lease extension arises because, as your lease gets shorter the value of your property will reduce, compared to a similar flat which has a long lease of, say, 80 years or more. This reduction in value is much less noticeable in the early years, but it is when your lease gets to less than 80 years remaining that the real problems start. We are experts at buying leasehold property where the length of lease is less than 80 years - and actually, the shorter the lease, the more interested we are. At this point, the flat steadily becomes less saleable. This is because the cost of purchasing a lease extension becomes significant and continues to rise, the flat will have less appeal to buyers, and mortgage lenders are increasingly unwilling to lend on flats with short leases. Most lenders will not lend on flats, where the lease is less than 65 years. Therefore we are cash buyers, not reliant on bank finance, thus able to make you an immediate cash offer for a flat with short lease - however short it might be.


Sell your flat with a short lease to our company. We will make you an immediate cash offer for your property regardless of the length of lease.


So the longer you put off extending your lease means:
The flat will become relatively less valuable.
The flat will become more difficult to sell on the open market.
The cost of buying a lease extension will continue to increase, as the length of lease reduces.

If you are selling a flat or maisonette with a short lease, with or without tenants, we would like to hear from you. We are experts at buying flats with short leases. When selling your short lease flat to Dreamhousebuyers, you pay no fees. We will be able to make you an offer on the same day that you call us, and will buy your lease in its current form. Unlike our competitors we will not need to write to your freeholder to find out what your lease will cost to be extended. We will buy your property in its current form without any delays. However please be aware that the value will be less with a short lease, as we have to account for the costs involved in the lease extension. Even if you are selling a flat that is totally unmodernised please get in touch. We will buy any leasehold property regardless of the length of its lease, however as cash buyers of property, we specialise in buying property with short leases. 


Sell your flat with a short lease and release your capital.

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