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Requirements - We're in the market for buying property

We are nationwide property buyers, and buy property in most regions of the UK.


We Purchase

  • Flats and Houses that are vacant or with sitting  tenants on any tenancy including property let on regulated tenancies, assured, life, assured shorthold or any other non-specific tenancy.
  • Residential property portfolios - selling a property portfolio?
  • Property requiring renovation or redevelopment.
  • Flat with short leases and reversionary nature (leases with a lease term less than 80 years).
  • Ground Rents buyers.
  • HMOs - A property is an HMO if it is let as a main or only home to at least three tenants, who form more than one household and who share a kitchen, bathroom or toilet. We have great experience in buying HMOs and our current expansion opportunities include the acquisition and quality renovation of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs), to provide practical, stylish and affordable 21st-century homes. Selling a HMO to Dreamhouse Buyer is straight forward, simple and hassle free. Your tenants need not be disturbed in the process and an internal inspection might not be required.
  • Property buyers throughout the UK. We are just as excited about an opportunity in Manchester as we are about one in London.
  • Selling your buy to let property or portfolio. Immediate cash offer once we have carried out our market appraisal of you property.
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We're in the market for buying property.



  • Offices, industrial, residential, leisure, retail (food & non-food) & mixed use sites/buildings.
  • Selling land for development - Greenfield land, Brownfield land, Garages, Large and dated residential dwellings, Redundant factory/warehouse/office premises, car parks.
  • Examples - pre-lets/sales, change of use, planning plays, strategic land and break ups.


  • Let property subject to any of the aforementioned tenancies including regulated tenancies. If the tenancy is regulated, possession can only be sought using one of the grounds in the Rent Act 1977. Selling a property with a regulated tenancy is a specialist sector and we are experts in this field. We have over 30 years experience in this sector and therefore the resources, structure, knowledge and financial ability to make an immediate decision on any property of this nature. **
  • Either singly or multi-let retail, office or industrial buildings let to strong covenants for an average unexpired term of 5+ years. Lot size range of £2m to £10m.
  • Examples - sale and leasebacks, fixed uplifts, shorter leases on prime retail locations.
  • Distressed, break up, commercial property lease renewals and re-gears.

Joint Ventures

  • With private landowners, funds, public sector, high net worths, occupiers and stadia opportunities seeking to maximise value.
  • Examples - farm land, stadia, commercial sites, business parks, industrial estates, problem assets, relocations, refurbishments, new build and multi-let assets at various stages of planning.
  • Property Portfolios.

Fees paid to agents and introducers

Please speak to us if you are selling property with regulated tenants.


 ** A regulated lease or a protected tenancy generally refers to a rental agreement in the UK that began before 15 January 1989. This only applies to properties with a residential lease rather than a commercial lease. The common definition of the rights of a protected tenant are: A regulated tenant is given the right to live in the rental property for as long as they want. Even after they pass away, their spouse or a family member who is living together with them will inherit the protected tenancy from them. Another right of the protected tenant is that they can apply to a rent officer for a decision on the rent amount. This is the maximum rent amount you are allowed to charge as a regulated landlord.


More about regulated tenancies click here 


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