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Sell Buy to Let Property

Sell buy to let property fast

Whether you want to sell a buy to let house or flat, we will make you a cash offer for your property with sitting tenants.


Sell your Rental  Property, with a quick cash house sale and no fees.

Selling a buy to let property investment can be a slow and uncertain process. Many property investors have been hit by the economic slowdown and might want to sell their property portfolio. Unfortunately with falling property prices, and the squeeze on mortgage lending, a quick sale of your property investment can prove difficult if not impossible. Fortunately DreamHouse Buyer can provide a quick house sale whether you are selling property with sitting tenants or would just like a fast sale of your property.


Want to sell rental property fast?

DreamHouse Buyer can help you sell property fast and achieve a quick property sale within the timescale that suits you best. We buy for ourselves, with our own cash for property and  act as direct property buyer. We will keep you updated daily during the process of selling your property. If you'd like to know more about our service and how it can assist you please read on.


Drawbacks of a Buy to Let Investment
Time and Hassle managing your rental property. 
Securing new tenants, chasing rent, general administration, maintenance, tax on property.


Sell your rental property, and we will buy with sitting tenants in place.


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The forecast is for yields to decrease while competition for rental property increases.
Buy to let investors are faced with a saturated rental market thus a reduction in rents and yields for landlords.  Selling your property with sitting tenants might be a much easier solution and it will enable you to release equity in your property.

Some rental properties will be too expensive and time consuming to run and the hassle factor far outweighs the benefits.

As a buy to let owner you will face continuous responsibility for upkeep, repairs, insurance, improvements and you have legal obligations as a landlord. These responsibilities include gas and electrical safety checks.
Cost of keeping buy to let property.
Rental voids (empty property), maintenance, insurance, agency fees, tax, service charges and ground rents.
Risk  of having sitting tenants.
Problem tenants, rent arrears, reduction in property values, capping on benefits. Possible damage to your property. Eviction of tenants.


Sell your buy to let property - The future of Buy To Let

The general consensus is that property values and transactions will remain depressed for the short/medium term.
Bank lending will remain constricted resulting in difficulties obtaining cost effective mortgages and requirements for large deposits.
Non investors who are unable to sell may let their homes and so saturate the market, making rental increases unlikely.
This means that many buy to let investment opportunities no longer add up from either a yield or capital gain perspective.


What are your options if you need to sell investment property?

DreamHouse property buyers have been buying property for many years. We have bought all types of property including; freehold houses, leasehold flats, unmodernised property, ground rents and property let on all types of tenancies including property for sale with sitting tenants, regulated, rent act, assured and life tenanted property.

Speak with us today, let us appraise your property within 24 hours and once we agree a price, we can coordinate the sale to suit your requirements. We have bought property within 48 hours from the initial call and, we can delay the completion of the property sale to a date that suits you.


Benefits of using DreamHouse Buyer for your cash house sale?
Guaranteed fast cash sale of your property.
Sell investment property with no void periods, we buy property with tenant in place.
Quick and secure timescales which can coincide with tenant vacation.
No internal inspections required - complete discretion assured to make selling property fast and discretely so easy!

Cost Savings- No fees what so ever and we pay all your legal fees - selling property simply, quickly and with no costs, it couldn't be easier!
Sale based on today's market value so you avoid future price fluctuations.


Visit the Quick House Sale page to learn more about the advantages of the service.


Selling rented property. How does it work?
We will make you a cash offer for your property where you are selling with or without sitting tenants. Our house sales are amongst the swiftest and most beneficial within the UK, we closely monitor house prices within your area to expertly offer you the best possible price. We can set the completion date to meet your timescales and requirements. More information about How it works.


Who are DreamHouse Property Buyers?

We are National Property Buyers and our competitive service provides clients with a quick, secure and efficient property sale. If you wish to learn more about the company visit our FAQ and read our Testimonials
Simply click on Contact Us and invite us to make you an offer for your investment property today.


Sell your Property with sitting tenants Fast and Easy
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