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The bigger the challenge with a property problem – the better the satisfaction once we find a solution. 

DreamHouse Buyer is a cash buyer of any property and we are very experienced in buying problem properties. If you are an owner of a property which you consider a problem, then please speak to us, and we will confirm our cash offer.


If you own a property which you consider as a problem, then please speak to us for a guaranteed cash offer for your problem property. As an experienced landlord and property investor we have been successfully buying property for over 20 years. We love to get our teeth stuck into problem property, or buying investment property with sitting tenants. Rest assured we have purchased hundreds of property with complications or subject to any of the aforementioned tenancies. If you are selling property with sitting tenants then we are interested and keen to make you a cash offer for your property.


Quick offer for your problem property

We would ask that you speak to us first, before you decide on a method to sell your problem property. We are a cash buyer of property and we are  not reliant on finance or finding an investor to buy your house. Why would we work so hard to give something away? We value your property based on the open market value and make you an immediate cash offer. We offer you certainty when deciding to dispose of your property, and you can relax knowing that our house buyers will manage the property buying process from start to finish with the minimum of hassle to you, or where applicable, a sitting tenant. Whether you are selling a vacant property or with sitting tenants, we will offer you a quick cash property cash – with no legal costs or estate agents fee to pay. 

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Sell a problem property to DreamHouse Buyer. 

Are you selling property with sitting tenants, or selling a problem property? If you are considering a sale of a flat with a short least, or just require a fast house sale, please call DreamHouseBuyer today! We have been buying residential property for investment for the last 4 decades and therefore we can help free up your capital in days! Read more about property with Regulated Tenancies and contact us to sell house with a tenant today


What kind of Residential Tenancy do I have?
There are currently 5 kinds of residential tenancies:
1. The Protected (Rent Act) Tenancy - tenancies entered into before 15 January 1989.
2. The Assured Tenancy - introduced by the Housing Act 1988.
3. The Assured Tenancy - Housing Act 1988 
4. The Assured Shorthold Tenancy - introduced in 1988 but amended by the 1996 Housing Act.
5. The Common Law Tenancy - Where the landlord live in the same building.


Sell a problem property, even leasehold properties with short leases

Dreamhouse Buyer will buy all types of leasehold flats, including where you are selling a flat with a short lease.

Sell your flat with a short lease.

Being experienced Freeholders we are looking to purchase Leasehold Flats throughout the UK with leases with less than 75 years unexpired. These types of properties can often be very difficult to sell in the current market with mortgage finance extremely difficult to find. In some instances, flats will be unsaleable to the general market. We are able to provide you with a cash offer for your property regardless of the length of its lease. Agents retained.
How much will I have to pay the Landlord? The Landlord is entitled to receive compensation for the loss of the ground rent income to be paid under the current lease, together with the loss of the right to receive the value of the flat at the end of the current lease. In simple terms, this is the difference in value of the Landlord’s interest today under the present lease, and the value of his interest after the grant of the new lease with the additional 90 years. He is also entitled to receive a share of the marriage value and compensation for loss arising from the grant of the new lease


Why do I need to extend my Lease?
The need for your lease extension arises because as your lease gets shorter the value of your flat (or maisonette) will go down compared to a similar flat which has a long lease of, say, 100 years or more. This reduction in value is much less pronounced in the early years, but it is when your lease gets to less than 80 years remaining that the real problems start. We are experts at buying leasehold property where the lease length is below 75 years unexpired. At this point the flat’s value really starts reducing, and it steadily becomes less saleable. This is because the cost of purchasing a lease extension becomes significant and continues to rise, the flat will have less appeal to buyers, and mortgage lenders are increasingly unwilling to lend on flats with short leases.


So the longer you put off extending your lease means:-
The flat will become relatively less valuable
The flat will become more difficult to sell on the open market
The cost of purchasing a lease extension will continue to increase


If you are selling a flat or maisonette with or without a protected tenancy that has a very short lease we would like to hear from you. We purchase leasehold properties with short leases that are under 75 years. We will be able to make you an offer the same day you call us and will buy your lease in its current form. Unlike our competitors we will not need to write to your freeholder to find out what your lease will cost to be extended. Even if your flat is totally unmodernised please get in touch. Dream HouseBuyers will buy any leasehold property regardless of the length of its lease. However as cash buyers of property, we are very experienced in buying property with short leases. 


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