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Quick House Sale - We are Cash Buyers of Property

Speak to us before you decide on a quick house sale.


We are genuine cash buyers of property and do not act as estate agents or brokers. Simply put we are experts at helping you achieve a quick property sale. We urgently require property investments and for the right opportunity we can exchange contracts in days. We are a property buying business and all of our team share the same passion for property and therefore we do pay a little less than the market value, however you have the benefit of receiving the best service and advice. Being a family business enables us to reduce our overheads and in turn we will try our best to beat any other genuine offer you have received from a house buying company.


Sell House quick.

In addition, and where you request, we offer to meet you at your property and once a sale has been agreed, you will be assigned a member of the team to talk you through the house selling  process from start to finish. There will always be someone at the end of the phone to answer any questions you have during the house selling process and if you want to speak at weekends or after office hours, you will have a mobile number to call or text 24/7 – 365 days a year.


Cash Buyers of property. The Benefits of a quick house sale.

When you speak to us about a quick property sale, you choose the timescales that works for you. We will ensure that we meet your requested timescale – completely tailored to suit you. You are speaking direct with the property buyer. You are not dealing with an estate agent or broker. No third parties involved, you speak directly with the prospective cash buyers of your property.

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No cost or obligation to proceed with our cash offer for your property

There is no cost or obligation to proceed so providing you understand that you will receive a below market value offer then please call us for a no obligation cash offer on your property.

We pay all your legal fees and you pay no costs to an agent.

We are the property buyer, there are no third parties and you will be speaking with the same contact from start to finish. We strive to be one of the leading cash buyers of property in England, and we have our own substantial cash funds, which are ready and waiting to spend on new opportunities.


Quick house sales - You benefit from peace of mind
If you want a quick property sale, our cash buying property service enables you to plan, relocate and organize your affairs with certainty. You do not have to wait to find a buyer for your property. We aim to remove the stress, and make you a guaranteed cash offer for your property.


Immediate exchange of contracts, if this suits you 
We are experts at buying property fast and on previous occasions we have attended a solicitor's office to exchange contracts on the same day. If you require a quick property sale, please inform us during our first conversation and we will work with you to buy your house immediately.


You benefit from flexibility when you choose to sell your property quickly 
We can offer you flexible terms to suit your personal circumstances. For example, we can exchange contracts as soon as you require, which will provide you with the certainty that you have sold your home. However we can offer you the flexibility of a delayed completion to any date that suits with your onward plans. This gives you more time to plan without the need to move home immediately. 


You benefit from convenience with a fast cash house sale
We provide a quick, easy and hassle free house selling service. We are experts at property, and our experience will ensure that we provide you with simple, straight talking advice from start to finish. Our core experience remains in property investment, development and quick house sales. We will make you an immediate cash offer for your property, and it is for you to decide how quickly you want to sell your house.


We are cash buyers of property. You save time
You save you time by eliminating the need to market your property through estate agents, spending time with viewers, receiving offers that may fall through and then dealing with the stress of broken chains at which point you may decide to use our cash for property service although a lot of time energy and resource would have been saved if you had approached us in the first instance.


You have your own independent solicitor
We can assist in helping you find one and what's better ? WE PAY THE BILL!


In addition to the above
There are no fees for you to pay at any stage nor catches, this can be clarified from our solicitor to yours.
It is completely confidential, there are no for sale or sold boards and if you have tenants they do not need to  be disturbed.  We specialise in buying let property so do not worry if you are selling a property with sitting tenants. We are experts at handling sensitive and confidential house sales. Once you’ve decided on a quick house sale to us, we’ll handle all the paperwork. We can find you a solicitor if you choose and we will pay their fees on completion of the property sale. 


The sale can be completed in a timescale to suit you - days, weeks, months - you make the decision.


Cash buyers of Property -Sell Property Quick and Easy 
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