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Sell Property with Sitting Tenant

Immediate cash offer for property with sitting tenants


Selling a property with sitting tenants
If you want to sell a property with siting tenants, then we want to speak to you. We are cash buyers of property with sitting tenants, and focussed on increasing the size of our holdings.  We are experts at buying property with sitting tenants and will buy in any condition or with problems, including situations where you have tenants in arrears, or long term tenancy agreements.  We assure you of a simple and straight-forward sale of your property with sitting tenants. There are no catches, neither are there any fees, our buying process for property with sitting tenants is simple, we pay up to 85% of the Market Value - as defined by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. 


Sell your rented property to our house buying company

If you own and are thinking of selling your buy to let property, or portfolio of property, then please speak to us first. We will value the property within 48 hours, and immediately confirm our cash offer for your property with sitting tenants. We buy vacant or let property, on any tenancy including property with sitting tenants. Dream housebuyers are national property buyers and professional landlords with a substantial portfolio of property with sitting tenants.


Sell Property with Sitting Tenant This type of long term investment would not interest everyone. We are a cash funded family property company and we seek property with  sitting tenants. Our investment approach is generally very long term, and we actively invest in property with sitting tenant. Therefore if you have a property with a sitting tenant please contact us for an immediate cash offer.


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Sell house with sitting tenant. Cash paid fast for property.

As we are sure you are aware, if you wanted to release equity for any reason this can pose a problem and evicting a tenant can be a costly, time consuming and stressful process. Save yourself the stress and invite us to make you an offer for your property with sitting tenants. No internal inspections are required and under no circumstances will we alert the tenant, unless of course we have permission from the  property owner beforehand. In addition, there are no fees when you sell us your property. We are buyers of flats and houses with or without sitting tenants, and we buy property in all regions of the UK. We take into account the individual circumstances, including when you are selling a rental property with difficult tenants. We buy direct from you, for cash and both sides have their own independent solicitor, ie us and you.

Why sell Dreamhouse Buyer your property with tenants? Selling your property with sitting tenants couldn't be easier.

Do you require advice on Selling Property with sitting tenant?

If you are selling property with sitting tenants, then invite us to make you an immediate cash offer. We are cash buyers of property and selling a rental property to Dreamhouse buyer is an easy and no hassle process.

Simple and fast
 sale of rental property
Immediate exchange of contracts, no hassle property sale. 
Sell house with tenants - No fees and your legal costs paid 
No charges and we pay £1000 towards your legal fees on completion. 
Immediate cash offer for your property  with a completion date to suit you. 
Cash offer for your rental property within 48 hours of your initial call. Once a sale is agreed we will work to the time-scale that you require.
Internal inspections are not essential and no contact will be made with your sitting tenant unless we have your permission - guaranteed.
We are very experienced in buying property with sitting tenants, and understand that most landlords want to be discreet when selling a property with sitting tenants. You have our word for it and we would not go against your wishes and jeopardise the sale that we have worked so hard to agree. 
Solicitor references available. 
You are welcome to talk to our solicitor, please call us to discuss. 
Cash offer for property with sitting tenants
We will make you an immediate cash offer for your property with sitting tenants.  We are in this business for the long term and require as many properties as we are able to buy with sitting tenants. We are house buyers - vacant or let in any condition and on any tenancy including property with long term, or sitting tenants. Please call us to discuss any other questions that you have. We are more than happy to meet with you and talk you through the property sale process from start to finish.

We are a house buying company, focused on helping landlords sell property with sitting tenants.
Are you selling a rented property which is let on any of the following tenancies including life time, verbal or informal agreements even where you have a dispute, rent arrears or you do not speak with the tenant?


Below are some of the definitions of different residential tenancies:

Sell property with an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement? 
All tenants in occupation must have a written Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement ("AST") in order for you to use the accelerated possession procedure. Most tenancies that began after 28 February 1997 are ASTs.

Sell property with regulated tenants to Dreamhousebuyer
A regulated tenancy is a protected tenancy, provided that the as the tenancy agreement (which need not be in writing) is still in force. Even if the agreement ends on or after 15 January 1989, the regulated tenancy becomes a statutory tenancy and stays one as long as the tenant lives in the property.

Sell property with assured tenants to Dreamhousebuyer
What are assured tenancies?
Most tenancies granted on or after 15 January 1989 are likely to be assured tenancies (or assured shorthold tenancies). Full assured tenants have a right to security of tenure.

The Section 21 Notice
A Section 21 Notice must be served before an application can be made for an accelerated possession order. 
WARNING: The Chairman of the London Association of District Judges says that 7 out of 10 Section 21 Notices are being thrown out of Court because they are wrong. An invalid Section 21 Notice means an accelerated possession claim will fail. 

Section 21 notices served during the fixed term of the tenancy 
When there is a fixed term Tenancy Agreement, the Section 21 Notice can be served at any time before the end of the tenancy but the notice must expire on at least the last day of the tenancy. This notice period must be for at least 2 months. The two months starts when the tenant receives the notice not when the notice was written or posted. The tenant is not required to give up possession of a property until a minimum of two months after the Section 21 notice to quit was served. This includes Section 21 notices served up until the last day of the fixed term. 


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