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Find a quick buyer for property even with structural problems Fri, 21 Mar 2014 16:18

It can be a tricky enough task to find a quick buyer for property, without the additional stress that may arise when additional issues with the building become apparent. Even the sale process for a property in absolutely impeccable condition can be imperilled by unsuccessful negotiations, snags with the paperwork, broken chains, or simple time wasting on the prospective buyer's part.


If structural problems with the building are discovered, therefore, the chances of a successful sale may be regarded as significantly lower. Any potential buyer may need to spend many thousands of pounds to rectify the issue, and there may be many alternative properties in which they could live straight away. Moreover, the property will be unmortgageable and you will only be able to sell your property to a cash buyer. 


Also affecting the likelihood that the owner can find a quick buyer for property with structural problems is the difficulty of obtaining a mortgage in the present market. If the property is attended by a surveyor on a mortgage lender's behalf, it is likely that they will declare the property as not worth the risk, ending the chance of any money being lent against it. As harsh as this may sound for the property owner, the need for suitable security for the mortgage lender also makes such a stance understandable.


Structural problems haven't always made it impossible to find a quick buyer for property - after all, in the years immediately following the war, a building simply surviving the Blitz was sufficient reason for gratitude. Odd cracks were not therefore greeted by home owners with the horror that would be customary these days, in which hairline cracks might seem terminal to the likelihood of a fast house sale.


Nor is it necessarily the case that one cannot find a quick buyer for property in the event of structural problems. A company like Dream House Buyer, for instance, can take even the biggest problem property off your hands, making a guaranteed cash offer with no fees to pay. There is no need for a property viewing, and no matter how poor the property's condition or the number of mortgage refusals that it has received, as long as it is in England or Wales, Dream House Buyer will make an offer. The timescale for the sale can also be flexible, and it is possible that a sale can be completed in less than 7 days even where you have sitting tenants. 


Contact Dream House Buyer today to learn how it really is possible for you to find a quick buyer for property with even the most critical structural problems, enabling you to move on with your life.  

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