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Fresh tales of property damage woe for Blackpool landlords Tue, 27 May 2014 16:04

If any further evidence was needed of why so many landlords decide to sell a house with a tenant to a dedicated home cash buyer like Dream House Buyer, it certainly came in a recent Blackpool Gazette report. It told the sorry story of local landlord Sean Feeney, who on re-entering the property on Westmorland Avenue that he had rented to a mother and her three children, found it strewn with rubbish, graffiti and dirt necessitating clean-up work costing almost £2,000, notwithstanding the stress caused by having to sort of the mess.


It is just the latest instance of many of landlords in the area needing to spend thousands of pounds to correct damage left by a departing tenant. Worsening the situation is that landlords are relatively powerless to charge the culpable tenant, given the latter's tendency to disappear without trace on leaving the property. The report added that some estate agents in the town had decided to stop handling rented homes as a result.


Mr Feeney did not take a bond for his property, and said that he had spent £5,000 prior to re-renting it. He said that despite the tenants vandalising the property and leaving it "in a sorry state, the council have given these people a brand new council flat."

He added: "The whole house is pretty much ruined. It will have to be gutted, and the last time this happened it cost thousands of pounds to rectify the damage that the tenants caused. I don't know how people can treat a property like this then get a new one. The council should have had a look at my property, then told them they weren't entitled to another one."

Mr Feeney found sympathy for his predicament from the Residential Landlords' Association (RLA), a spokesperson stating that it came as "no real surprise".

"Stories about tenants being left without anywhere to turn by greedy and money obsessed landlords dominate the media, while any evidence of tenants causing consternation is widely ignored or downplayed. This type of occurrence is all too common in the private rented sector."

Although landlords may have the option of using a deposit, the cost of repairs often far exceeds any deposit the tenant has paid. Nor is insurance an option, forcing the landlord to fork out for repairs themselves if the property is to be made rentable again. Support from councils and police is also often lacking, says the RLA.

Such a situation only makes it all the more important for landlords to carry out the appropriate tenant referencing and background checks. However, it also gives a strong hint of why landlords are frequently so willing to sell their house with a tenant to a firm like Dream House Buyer that can purchase the property quickly, with no catches or fees.

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