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How to prevent nightmare tenants Fri, 23 May 2014 17:07

If you ever decide to sell a tenanted property, you don't want it to be due to problem tenants. However, with the number of people renting properties 40% higher now than in 2006, the scope for this has only increased. Troublesome tenants may cause you to get on the phone to a cash buyer of property, but prevention is always better than cure.


Generally speaking, you should only find tenants to be responsible people who treat your property respectfully. However, difficulties with tenants can still arise, perhaps due to them refusing to comply with their responsibilities as agreed from the outset, or rental arrears occurring as a result of the end of a relationship or redundancy.


It may sound obvious, but landlords really should carefully screen prospective tenants before accepting them. Contact a good Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) letting agent for help with checking the employment status and credit rating of a tenant, in addition to obtaining references.


Before the tenancy starts, you should have a thorough inspection carried out of your buy to let property's condition and contents. A proper inventory will be invaluable in the event of a dispute, but with your word not likely to be trusted as much as an independent party, you are advised to pay such a party to conduct this work rather than carry it out yourself. You can also usefully establish the property's condition at this stage by taking photographs and dating them.


Even with all of the obvious precautions taken, however, you can still find yourself with a difficult tenant, this possibility making it vital for you to know your rights as a landlord. A written tenancy agreement should be in place from the start, making it clear how much rent is to be paid and when. It helps if your tenant pays into your account by standing order, which will give you evidence of the payments you receive and the ones you don't.


If the rent is left unpaid for a certain period and a solution has not been reached, you have the right to serve an eviction notice to the tenant, although you should research the appropriate procedure for doing so. No agreement should be signed without first checking the terms and conditions that the letting agent has laid out.


Instead of serving notice, however, some landlords choose to sell their tenanted property to a cash buyer of property such as Dream House Buyer, taking all of the difficulties associated with the problem tenant off their hands and offering the homeowner a quick, simple and straightforward sale. We are happy to give you an instant cash offer for your property, purchasing it in a timetable to suit you - so if this option appeals, get in touch with us now for more information.

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