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Problems that can arise when you buy or sell a property Thu, 08 May 2014 14:08

Buying or selling a home is a very significant event in someone's life, but it is unfortunately also one that can come with certain problems - to the extent that a decision may be quickly made to sell the property for cash. Dream House Buyer can assist in this by giving even those who have very recently bought a home a guaranteed cash offer, although there are other ways of solving the many problems that can arise when buying or selling.


A buyer may move into a property and be dissatisfied with its state when they move in - it may be very dirty, for example. As there's no legal obligation for a seller to ensure a house's cleanliness before they leave, there's nothing that a buyer can do about that particular problem. However, there is certainly an obligation for the seller to clear furniture and belongings from the house, unless the buyer has come to other arrangements with them.


If there are belongings left in the house by the seller, you should request that the seller removes them. If the seller is unable to do this, for distance or other reasons, you will need to make your own arrangements. Technically, you could recover the cost of doing so from the seller, even taking them to court, although in practice, this may be a poor use of your time.


But there may be a rather different reason for deciding to sell your property for cash soon after you have bought it - discovering that all of the fixtures and fittings have been removed by the seller, despite sellers being required to leave all of the fixtures - like the fireplace - in a property that they have sold. Fittings must also be left behind if the seller agreed with you to include them in the sale or sell to you separately. If certain items have been removed despite an agreement that this wouldn't be the case, the problem may be resolved by your solicitor or licensed conveyancer.


A buyer may also regret their move if damage is sustained to the property between the exchange of contracts and the completion of the sale. Such damage could take the form of a broken window or burst pipe, but whatever it is, the seller is responsible for letting the buyer know about any damage. The buyer, however, is responsible for insuring the property from the date the contracts have been exchanged, and for overseeing repairs. They will then have to claim on their insurance policy.


Some of these are problems that can be fixed once you have settled into the house, although others may be sufficiently serious or inconvenient for you to instead decide to sell the property for cash to a company that can give you a guaranteed offer for that property - such as Dream House Buyer. 

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