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Reasons to consider a quick house sale Thu, 17 Apr 2014 15:54

There are all manner of anti-social problems that can make your local community hellish to live in, to the point where you may contemplate a quick house sale to a cash buyer of property like Dream House Buyer. 


There are numerous reasons why you might claim that neighbours are anti-social. It could be that they argue or play music too loudly, there may be dogs on the streets, you may feel intimidated by gangs or you may have encountered a lot of abandoned cars or fly tipping. Moreover, other issues could involve your house being frequently vandalised, you may have experienced racism or people may have been spotted drinking or drug taking.


It's understandable that you may have considered a fast sale of your house as a result of these problems, but there are at least many laws relating to anti-social behaviour that you could first use to take action against the perpetrators.


However, it's important to consider whether certain behaviour would be considered anti-social in the eyes of the law. For example, while you may not like your neighbour's tendency to only mow the lawn once a month, this would not be considered anti-social behaviour according to the current legislation.


Your exact response to anti-social behaviour naturally depends on the type of behaviour and who is engaging in it. While some problems can be solved by an amicable conversion with a neighbour, others may warrant more serious action. Be aware that it may be unknown to a neighbour that their behaviour is a problem. But for issues between the aforementioned two extremes, you should contact your local authority's relevant department or your local anti-social behaviour coordinator.


If you make a complaint that is investigated, the anti-social behaviour team may request that you gather evidence, perhaps in the form of a log or diary of the problematic behaviour. A more serious issue may lead to the police being immediately contacted. In the event of a case ending up in court, you may be asked to testify against your neighbour, although many people shy away from doing so for fear of reprisals.


However, evidence can be given anonymously if you desire, and if you feel especially vulnerable, a police officer, doctor, council official, teacher or health worker can give evidence on your behalf. You may be fortunate enough to come to a resolution with your neighbour before the matter reaches court, or measures like official warning letters and interviews, Acceptable Behaviour Agreements or dispersal orders may be necessary to bring the problem to an end.


It is important to thoroughly consider these possibilities before resorting to leaving your local community altogether. However, if you do feel that you have little option other than a quick house sale, Dream House Buyer can make a fast cash offer for your property, with no fees attached.

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