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Rid yourself of a problem property when you sell your house quickly Fri, 07 Mar 2014 12:40

There are many possible reasons why a house becomes a problem property, but they all have a simple solution, which may be a fast house sale. For instance, you might have bought a house involved in a long running boundary dispute. It wasn’t a fight that you sought, and it isn’t fair for you to take the burden of awful neighbours’ bad behaviour. They may attempt to drag you into the courts with costly legal proceedings, or they could erect a large fence to deprive you of sunlight. In this circumstance, a fast house sale lets you get out before you are bogged down in the conflict, and you’ll be gone before the enemy knows about it.


Alternatively, you may have had DIY problems. Many home owners start big projects only to realise that they need much greater training or resources to finish the job. As a result, you might be eating in a cold draught from open air, or there might be structural damage to the property which will mean that the property can only be sold to a cash buyer with experience in buying property for cash which has problems. You may not even know where to begin with the house’s problems. You may have even inherited the issue from someone in the family who passed on before they could finish the job. As every year passes, the costs of repairing a crumbling building might continue to mount, and for this reason, a fast house sale will get you out of this problem.


Then, there are more disturbing reasons for wanting to get out of your house. Some people move into a home only to hear strange noises in the night, and witness activity that they can’t account for with rational explanation. Hauntings push many people out of their homes. The knowledge that there might be a malevolent spectre in the building sends a chill down the spine of some, and faced with terrifying nights at the house, a fast house sale gets you out of harm’s way. After all, telling prospective buyers about ghosts has been known to knock thousands off the sale price.


More simply, other people might just not want to move into a home where there has been a terrible crime, but a cash investor of property will not have a problem with this, and will make an offer for any property in England and Wales, regardless of the problems, history, or condition. 

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