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The benefits of a fast house sale. Thu, 09 Jan 2014 19:47

Our market monitor has identified some interesting statistics.

There have been talks of an improving economy, and the property market has improved in many regions of the United Kingdom. We wanted to get a real understanding of patterns and trends in our industry.

It's my thought that there are many benefits selling a property to a cash buyer, and understanding our customers, and what influences them always fascinates me.

Our findings show some very interesting statistics about the 'Quick Sale' market. Mainly that 45% of our customers choose our fast and easy service to sell their property because they want something simple, hassle-free, and guaranteed. 12% choose our service because they want a fast sale, and the remaining percentage is made up several other reasons including: Probate sales, sitting tenants, health, divorce and downsizers.  

It is equally interesting at looking at the statistics which show the most popular choices for what our customers plan to spend the cash  on once we've bought their property. The majority plan to enjoy retirement and spend on holidays, home improvements, or a new car. More than 20% of our customers just want to keep the money in the bank, or perhaps invest in stocks and shares which have performed well over the past 12 months. More than a third of quick sale customers are using some of the cash to clear their outstanding mortgages or debts and a further 10% choose a fast sale in order to buy their dream home.  

Whatever the reason for wanting a simple sale, we strive to be the best property buyer in the market. By best, we don't just mean necessarily the highest price. A few of our key benefits are as follows;

1) We can always buy for cash. We're a family property company and not agents.
2) We pay your legal costs
3) We pay for the EPC if one is required.
4) You don't pay any fees - no valuation, no contracts.
5) We work to the timetable that you need.
6) We buy property with sitting tenants
7) Any condition
8) Property with problems
8) Cash available in less than 7 days if required.

It is vital that the findings reach a far audience to help alleviate concerns about the fast-sale market. It is clear from our study that all customers have slightly different reasons for choosing a quick sale over more traditional routes of selling property.

Dream House Buyer is a family owned property company that considers all types of property, and we buy property with sitting tenants too. We will make an instant cash offer for any property in the UK, regardless of the size, location, condition or value.

We will buy any property that you might consider a problem - including property with sitting tenants, flats with short leases, problem tenants, unmortgageable and structurally damaged property.  We also buy ground rents and portfolios. If you think we can help, then please invite us to make you an immediate cash offer for your property.

Contact us on 0800 1577 497 or email us info@dreamhousebuyer.co.uk

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