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What are your options if you are struggling to sell a house fast? Mon, 14 Apr 2014 17:07

You might want to sell your house fast for any number of reasons, but you might be struggling to find a buyer. Perhaps there isn't a strong market for your type of property, or maybe there are obvious problems, like structural problems or a tenant in arrears with the rent. Is there anything that you can do instead?


One option that you might consider is a house-swap. The UK has several house-swap websites, allowing you to list your house with information, photographs and an asking price. You could detail what type of property you are looking for - something smaller or larger or similar in another location, perhaps. If you find the right person to swap with, the sale can proceed like any other, with a solicitor being instructed and a remortgage also likely. However, unlike the average house sale, there won't be a 'chain' that might stop you from selling your home fast. One party buys from and sells to the other in a one-to-one transaction.


Alternatively, you might decide to let your property. You can then use the income to rent another home or even pay the mortgage on a newly purchased property. If you do this, you should seek advice on the most suitable type of lease, as a shorthold arrangement may be preferable to a conventional tenancy.


If you are an older person without a mortgage or with considerable equity in your home, a reverse mortgage - also known as a lifetime mortgage - may appeal. This is a loan that is repaid on the death of the homeowner or the last joint borrower. The borrower/homeowner receives the loan proceeds in instalments or in a lump sum. Reverse mortgages effectively release home equity for the homeowner's living expenses or another purpose.


Another option - again, only usually appropriate for an older person with considerable equity in their home - is a home reversion scheme, whereby a property is sold - normally to a financial institution - in exchange for the right to continue living in the property until death, as well as an amount of cash representing part of the home's market value.


All of these possibilities have their downsides, however, and for those who need to sell a house fast, one option may appeal above all else: the sale of their property to a firm like Dream house Buyer that specialises in guaranteed cash offers for houses and flats. For those who really do wish to sell and move on with their lives quickly, or if a property has been difficult to sell by neighbour problems, dilapidation, a short lease or legal problems, it may be by far the most attractive choice, minimising the hassle of the obvious alternatives. You may have searches on Google for phrases such as sell a house fast, or sell my house fast. There are numerous companies that advertise their services on the internet, however many of these purported property buyers, are not genuine and merely act as estate agents or brokers. If you are considering selling a house fast, then ensure that you are speaking with a reputable company, whom can deliver on the claims which they write on their websites.  

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